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Books and Historical Prints of City Views and Landscapes

The slightly musty smell of old paper and binding leather is a sensual experience for bibliophiles, more desirable than the most luxurious perfume! No facsimile, no matter how skilfully it is made, can convey the feeling of the original. In our digital world, where a huge imaginary library is available on the net, the medieval manuscript, the old print, or the modern artist’s edition still has its place. Here, too, we are always able to reposition authentic rediscoveries. Collectors and dealers alike appreciate our selection, and many times, a book that seems unremarkable at first glance has turned out to be a highly sought-after rarity.
For generations, collecting old town views was the hobby of historically interested connoisseurs. The prices of most prints therefore rose extremely high. Today, this hype has died down, and Swiss prints can currently be purchased at reasonable prices.

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