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The consignment of the objects stands at the beginning of each auction. Even though they are all of different kind and origin, there is one common ground that unites them: they are contemporary witnesses with an artistic and manual quality. They originate from inheritances, dissolutions of collections and so on and are auctioned to the highest bidder.

Intermediation Conditions

We charge an agents commission additional to the award in the event of a selling (in case the consigner is able to define a minimum rate). In the event of non-selling the consigner only has to compensate for the insurance costs that calculate percentage to the estimated price, such as a handling fee per item including the image costs. Additionally we charge value added tax (VAT) for all services (commission, insurance, reproduction, transport …). The clearance and out payment is to be carried out contractually guaranteed within six weeks after the auction. Please note the regulations concerning Cultural Property Transfer Act (CPTA) that have been in force since June 1st 2005, such as the federal law CITES; it regulates the control of legal transfer of protected animal and plant species.


The online catalogue extensively covers all offered 2500 – 3500 lots with detailed condition reports. With its reproductions of all objects, it is still an interesting study subject once the auction is over.


All objects to be auctioned can be inspected with free entry during our exhibition.


The auction is to be carried out in the numbered order of the catalogue. Around 120 objects are offered per hour. The prices indicated in the catalogue are non-binding estimates, bidding begins about 20 % below. The biddings rise in about 10 % steps. All bids are subject to a buyer’s premium, which is 23 % in addition to the placed successful bid. The buyer’s premium is subject to legal value added tax (VAT) regulations. If objects are marked with “H / I”, the VAT applies also to the hammer price in addition to the buyer’s premium (see also Terms and Conditions of Auction, clause 2 and 11). The acquired exhibits may be collected during the running auction and in the following week after full payment in Swiss Francs, cash or via wire transfer (no postcard, maestro card and credit card). The unsold objects go back to the respective consigners. Thus we stand at the beginning of the next auction.

Should you be interested in any of those stations, feel free to visit us at the respectively published times or call to make an appointment or for further information.

PDF Version Available

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