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Carpets & Textiles

We are often called in for liquidations of households and collections. Sometimes, true masterpieces of oriental carpet knotting catch our eye, which have usually led an inconspicuous, shadowy existence as everyday floor coverings.

This is where our work begins. We decipher their origins and present them to an international audience in both our analogue as well as digital catalogues as well as at the auction exhibition. In this way, we achieve respectable prices at our auctions. If you want to buy a beautiful piece of knotted work at a reasonable price, we will find what you are looking for. Old carpets, in particular, are captivating with their soft colours and gentle wear, which lend an incomparable charm to both modern and antique living rooms.
At our auctions, you can find textile works from Arabian or Asian regions as well as masterful European tapestries from great manufacturers.

Special Items

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