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Furnishings, from Antiques to Designer Objects

Furniture and furnishings of all kinds are contemporary witnesses of both older and more recent eras. They tell of life in the past, of the development of comfort. Humans have always been very inventive when it comes to designing their living environment. Thus, special combination furniture appeared in the Renaissance, the Baroque, and increasingly in the classicism of the late Ancien Regime. During the Historicism period of the late 19th century, refined furnishings were created, some in retro styles. In many of the household and collection liquidations we handle, you will find beautiful and practical furnishings that we select “fresh from the market” and offer for sale. Professional decorators especially appreciate what we offer. Likewise, ambitious collectors will find the dream piece for their flat or house. Be it a special mirror as an eye-catcher, a richly inlaid little box, the perfectly fitting rococo console, a piece of furniture from a famous workshop, a crystal chandelier from the Belle Epoque or a 20th century design classic.

Special Items

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