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The Process is Simple!

Contact us

By contact form or email you can send us photos of your objects for a first assessment by our expert.
Often pictures are sufficient for a first assessment, but in some cases the objects must be viewed in person. In such cases an appointment will be made for a home visit or the objects will be brought to the auction house.


If the objects are suitable for the auction, they will be transported to the auction house, if they have not already been taken by our experts during a home visit. You will receive a confirmation of delivery containing a list of all the objects you have handed over to us.


As soon as any clarifications of the objects are completed, described, and appraised by our experts, you will receive the auction contract. Here, all important data and conditions are summarized again. The contract is then signed and returned to us by email or post.  As soon as the contract is received, the objects will be cleaned if necessary, restored and professionally photographed so that the highest possible proceeds can be achieved

Exhibition & Auction

The objects will be displayed online on our website, various portals and in printed form. In addition, they will be exhibited at the preview in the auction house and then auctioned off to an international audience


In case of a successful sale of the objects you will receive the payout less our commission within 6 weeks.
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