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Delicate Beauty

The art of making fine glass is ancient. Already the Egyptians, Babylonians, and of course, the Greeks and Romans were fascinated by this material. Venice has set the tone in glass production since the Middle Ages. But glass manufacturers on this side of the Alps have also produced beautiful and now rare glassworks since the beginning of the early modern era. Glass is a broadly anchored field of collecting. It includes elegant, courtly and bourgeois, sometimes richly engraved individual pieces, but also entire glass sets. In the 1950/60s, Italy, especially the Venice area with its ancient centre of Murano, was dominant in modern glass art. Beautiful works from Scandinavia and studio glass from America also followed. A long-standing specialty of our establishment is the procurement of glass objects from the post-war period. We also have the pleasure of auctioning much sought-after rustic glass objects. Alpine glass objects consistently achieve top prices.

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