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Ted Scapa

Artist, publisher and television presenter: Ted Scapa (*1931) has many talents. He became nationally known as the host of the children’s program Spielhaus. But limiting him to this role does not do him justice. The native Dutchman made a name for himself as the longtime director of the Benteli publishing house in Berne. This led to close friendships with artists for whom he published catalogs of works. Scapa also made a name for himself as a cartoonist for daily newspapers in Switzerland and abroad. He is also a passionate collector.

We are very pleased to have been commissioned by him to auction off part of the art collection from his legendary Vallamand Castle on Lake Murten. The total of 450 objects includes some items from his own oeuvre, but above all works by artist friends such as Jean Tinguely or Niki de Saint Phalle.

Most striking, however, is his overwhelming collection of African art sculptures – he housed them in the castle like roommates. For example, a drum of the Lobala from the Congo with a length of 2.53 meters. It is representative of the many objects from this impressive continent.

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